Telus says it’s first in North America with 5G, using Huawei mmWave system

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Vancouver 5G-to-the-home trial provides fibre-like experience, say Telus and Huawei

Huawei is claiming first prize for a 5G-compliant installation in North America.

Fortunately for the blood pressure of the US security authorities, the project is with Canadian company Telus – even though the trial, in central Vancouver, is no more than 30km from the US border.

The two companies have installed a so-called wireless-to-the-home service, complying with the official 3GPP standards body, in Telus’s 5G Living Lab.

“This trial represents continued progress toward the launch of 5G, as we start to replicate both the in-home experience and network footprint we will see when 5G becomes commercially available in the near future,” said Ibrahim Gedeon, CTO at Telus.

He added: “Wireless 5G services will generate tremendous benefits for consumers, operators, governments and more through the use of advanced IoT devices, big data applications, smart city systems and other technologies of the future.”

Huawei said the use of a new 5G customer premise equipment (CPE) represents another milestone in bringing consumer-oriented 5G-ready products to market. Wen Tong, CTO of Huawei Wireless, said: “This friendly user trial will drive the global 3GPP unified 5G standard and build a solid foundation for the 5G early commercialization.”

Telus’s own employees are trying out the kit in their own homes, using millimetre-wave (mmWave) signals that Huawei has installed in Vancouver to provide what it called a “fibre-like” experience. “mmWave technology will be an important tool in ensuring widespread deployment of 5G technology in Canada,” said Tong.