Italtel launches open innovation program

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Italtel's new program will see it work with start-ups and new businesses to use new emerging technologies

Italtel has unveiled an open innovations program that will see it work with start-ups and new businesses to use new emerging technologies.

The areas applicable include Industry 4.0, smart cities and digital healthcare but it will initially start with Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and cybersecurity technologies by developing and testing them with a view of jointly commercializing them.

Commenting on the launch, Luca Ferraris, head of strategy, innovation & collaboration at Italtel said: “Italy has a rich entrepreneurial fabric which stimulates creativity and innovative ideas, but start-ups and small businesses are often limited in what assets they have to develop these ideas further. This is why this program is so important; it provides an innovation network and an opportunity to collaborate which is not limited to the laboratory.”

Physical spaces, test plants and IT resources are among the assets Italtel can offer to participants in the program located in Settimo Milanese and Carini (Palermo). In exchange for this support, Italtel will be able to use the technologies and applications created under the program and quickly bring them to market.

So far 60 participating companies have already be appraised for their work, leading to new opportunities in the area of Industry 4.0.

“The scheme is a great opportunity for our partners to receive support in overcoming key industry hurdles frequently faced when launching new products and to have a platform which enables them to reach global markets,” added Ferraris.

In June 2017, Italtel received funding amounting to €1.1m for EU 5G projects. As a result Italtel will work as part of the MATILDA, 5GCITY and 5G ESSENCE EU projects that make up part of the 5G-PPP’s research and innovation scheme.