SEAT and Telefónica team up to digitalise the automotive industry

Natalie Bannerman
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SEAT and Telefónica partner together to explore the application of 5G technology in vehicles

SEAT and Telefónica have entered into an agreement to develop innovative initiatives in the automotive industry. 

Signed by SEAT president Luca de Meo and Telefónica España president Luis Miguel Gilpérez, the deal sees Telefónica act as a strategic It supplier to SEAT and will enable it to meet its objective of becoming  a benchmark company in connected, digitised mobility solutions.

Commenting on the deal, de Meo, said: “With this agreement, SEAT consolidates itself as a benchmark in the sector’s digitalisation. Joining forces with Telefónica as a strategic partner enables us to take a major step forward in our commitment to offering mobility solutions that make lives easier for the drivers of our vehicles. This collaboration will also enable us to use technology to develop projects that enhance our production processes and relationships with suppliers”.

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Under the terms of the condition the two companies will collaborate in three key areas: one being the shared use of insights, the application of 5G technology in the connected car and digital transformation in the car manufacturing process.

The deployment of Telefónica’s fifth generation network will enable the development of new experiences and use cases of the connected vehicle. Using this framework the two companies will work in different innovation sessions and idea workshops to assess and propose new applications of this technology in vehicles. Those proposals selected will be put through pilot tests in real life settings and locations where Telefónica has this technology deployed.

Additionally, Telefónica and SEAT are collaborating on a proof of concept based on Blockchain technology to improve the tracking of parts within the supply chain at the Martorell factory. The solutions and systems are based on IoT (the Internet of Things) with the purpose of enhancing and streamlining procurement management and supplier relations.

According to Telefónica España President Luis Miguel Gilpérez, “new technologies are truly going to trigger a revolution in the automotive sector, and at Telefónica we want to be the leading partner in helping SEAT spearhead this new phase. How Big Data and Blockchains will influence the sector, or how decisive 5G will be for the future of the autonomous and connected car are a few of the innovations that Telefónica and SEAT are going to work on together”.

The agreement also includes the implementation of tools and joint mechanisms that enable data collection, management and analysis, all while the company’s say “respecting the principles of privacy, confidentiality and transparency of user-owners.” As a result the two will also work together to explore the benefits of Big Data and the shared use of data in designing new mobility proposals.

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