Vodafone UK launches two new service offerings

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Vodafone UK launches zero-rated data passes and capped pay-as-you-go service offerings

Vodafone has launched two new service offerings, one aimed at mobile app customers and the other at pay-as-you-go users.

Nick Jeffery, Vodafone UK CEO, wants customers to know something: “Vodafone is back”. That was the message at the launch event for Vodafone’s new offerings. 

“Now that we have a really great network and have begun to create really great customer service we’re at the stage where we can innovate commercially and offer new and exciting things to the market,” added Jeffery.

The first new service is Vodafone passes, which essentially zero-rates the data costs on a range of apps in the category chosen. There are four categories of passes. The Video Pass starts at £7 a month as an introductory offer, and it includes apps like Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, TV Player, Vevo and My5. The Music Pass is £5 a month and includes Spotify, Tidal, Apple Music, Napster, Deezer, Soundcloud and Amazon Music. The Social Pass includes apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and lastly the Chat Pass includes WhatsApp, Viber and Facebook Messenger. All are set to launch in early November. 

Vodafone is quick to add that it is happy to include as many different apps outside of the ones included in the launch, saying that new apps can be added within a matter of days. It doesn't favour any one above another.

The idea behind it is driven by customers saying they’re afraid to use their data, said David James marketing director at Vodafone UK. According to their figures 25% of customers go outside of their bundle and 68% are concerned about using too much data.

The second new product is something Vodafone calls Pay As You Go 1. The plans aims to help customers stay in control of their spending without the worry of running out of credit. It limits spend to £1 a day on a plan of unlimited voice and text plus 500GB of data. Users only pay on the days they use and they even receive a ‘pre-call announcement’ that warns if they are going outside of their usage plan.

Vodafone says that it has invested roughly £2 billion in its fixed and mobile networks over the last few years and it plans on investing a similar amount over the next 18 months. These offerings are  an extension on that, in order to meet its customer’s needs, said the company.  

Recently Vodafone UK launched VOXI, its youth-targeted sub-brand which also includes a range of zero rated products.