Rostelecom and Nokia announces 5G testbed project in Russia

James Pearce
Published on:

Moscow testbed will see Rostelecom, Nokia, and the Skolkovo Foundation test a number of 5G use cases including self-driving cars

Rostelecom and Nokia have partnered to create a pilot zone at the Skolkovo technopark in Moscow to test 5G technologies.

The Russian operator will work with Nokia to test 5G use cases such as self-driving vehicles, connectivity in electricity and heating networks, and construction.

The testbed will use Nokia’s technology and will be hosted by non-profit organisation the Skolkovo Foundation in an innovation centre near Moscow.

Mikhail Oseevsky, president of Rostelecom, said: "Rostelecom has sufficient network infrastructure and frequency resources to build a 5G pilot zone at Skolkovo. The agreement is a logical follow-up of Rostelecom's efforts aimed at building and testing 5G networks. In May 2017 the company signed a memorandum of understanding with the government of Tatarstan to build and run a 5G network in the Republic."

Demetrio Russo, head of Nokia in East Europe, said that “collaborations such as this is critical for the successful introduction of a next generation wireless network, and in driving a 5G ecosystem in Russia ” and a key consideration for Nokia. 

He added: "Nokia is working with industry leaders around the globe to develop and test various 5G use-cases scenarios for different industries. We are therefore very excited to join forces with Rostelecom and Skolkovo to develop a 5G trial network in Russia.”