Vodafone revamps brand positioning strategy

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Vodafone overhauls its brand with a new brand positioning strategy

Vodafone has announced a number of changes to its global brand positioning strategy, strapline and visual identity.

The new brand strategy will be rolled out across all 36 countries where Vodafone has a brand presence and is designed to highlight Vodafone’s belief that new technologies and digital services will transform society and enhance quality of life.

Serpil Timuray, chief commercial operations and strategy officer of Vodafone Group, said: “We believe there are very good reasons to be optimistic about the future as emerging innovations in science and technology begin to have a profoundly positive impact on society. Vodafone has a long and proud history of bringing new technologies to hundreds of millions of people worldwide, enhancing quality of life and transforming the workplace. Our new brand positioning is intended to embody Vodafone's mission and purpose to help our customers and communities adapt and prosper as these remarkable new trends reshape the world.” 

The new strapline: "The future is exciting. Ready?” underpins this message of optimism and across all countries, the first part of the strapline will be presented in local languages with the second part – "Ready?" – presented in English.

Girl and robot Vodafone 680 widthThe new visuals will place greater emphasis on the speech mark in Vodafone’s logo. It will now become the central graphic overlaid on all marketing and communications. The logo will also feature in the new 2D design in place of the 3D real-world skeuomorphic 3D design.

A large advertising campaign will usher in the new brand positioning strategy beginning with a TV commercial by Ridley Scott Associates, which focusses on how human interaction remains constant while technologies evolve.

The changes to its brand positioning strategy came about after Vodafone commissioned opinion research on the subject. More than 13,000 people across 14 countries took part in the research and found that: people of all ages believe that technology will have a positive influence on future, 18-24 year olds are the most optimistic about the future and 62% of younger people surveyed believe that living standards will be better in 20 years’ time compared with today.

Last month, Vodafone launch of its youth sub-brand called VOXI. VOXI is specifically aimed at under 25s and allows customers to use selected social and chat apps without using their data allowance.