Telenor and Cisco support the launch of WG2 cloud solutions platform

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

WorkingGroupTwo, a new cloud solutions platform, has the support of Telenor and Cisco ahead of its launch

Telenor Group and Cisco, have announced their support to launch WorkingGroupTwo (WG2), a brand new business offering that will provide mobile operators and a cloud solutions platform.

Sigve Brekke, CEO of Telenor Group, said: "The WorkingGroupTwo platform is a Telenor innovation. I am proud that we as a company are able to leverage new technologies to make a pioneering telco platform with the potential of bringing the whole industry forward. We are firmly committed to supporting WorkingGroupTwo, and want to give the entity the freedom to unleash wider industry eco-system dynamics. For this reason we have also set up a strong global partnership with Cisco."

Many mobile operators struggle to bring new innovative services to market fast enough and the WG2 is a solution that aims to increase product innovation and reduce time to market. Using the platform, mobile operators will be able to quickly launch new services across the internet of things (IoT) and other industry sectors, as well as better position their business to sell to enterprise customers.

Chuck Robbins, CEO of Cisco, added: "Cisco's partnership with Telenor to launch WorkingGroupTwo demonstrates how we are driving positive change for our customers. Our joint efforts will help mobile operators automate the delivery of mobile cloud services and deliver innovation at a faster pace."

In addition to the news of Telenor and Cisco’s support, WG2 also confirmed that Erlend Prestgard has been appointed CEO of the company. Formerly director of group strategy at Telenor, he said: "Our aim for the new company is that it will bring the internet ecosystem dynamics closer to the telco industry. We want it to be easy to become an operator, and to make new products. Our mission is to expose the powerful capabilities of operators to a wider community, and together with partners, we hope to build products that consumers have never seen before."