Amdocs launches ONAP-powered NFV offering

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Amdocs launches its NFV service powered by ONAP's open source platform, offering design and monitoring of SDN networks

Amdocs has announced the launch of its network function virtualisation (NFV) offer, powered by the Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) – a platform that enables the design, creation, orchestration, monitoring, and life cycle management of software-defined networks (SDNs).

The new product means that customers are able to repurpose and scale up their existing networks and provide new services for a fraction of the cost of that of building a new network. In addition, they are able to design their own networks among a host of other new service features. Also, as an open source networking technology, it can be deployed either locally or in the public cloud using modern DevOps adoption techniques.

Gary Miles, general manager at Amdocs, commented: “Amdocs’ open network partner ecosystem of industry leading vendors has created more than 80 virtual network functions (VNFs), delivering innovative NFV use-cases that speed up complex multi-vendor service deployments. This is complemented by a portfolio of professional services to fast-track NFV strategic planning, implementation and operations/assurance, as well as integration to existing operational and business support systems, essential to commercializing virtual network services for our customers now and in the future.”

According to the company, Amdocs has already been working with many early adopters on pragmatic approaches to manage service design and creation, on-boarding of virtualised service functions, monitoring of active inventory in hybrid networks and the continuous, elastic maintenance of the network itself. 

Amdocs offers number of tools for the testing and verifying of virtual services on ONAP’s open source platform. These include the easy deployment of ONAP and a cloud-based hosting environment with a pre-defined SD-WAN acceleration kit and administration tools to use case validation. 

“Amdocs brings unique expertise derived from working with ONAP’s early adopters, including North American carriers that include Bell, and European carriers such as Orange, to help service providers drive value from virtualization and this offering lays the framework for additional carrier-grade enhancements as the ONAP code matures. Open source brings unparalleled agility and innovation to the market. In such a dynamic environment, it is important that the industry is able to package open source contributions into a mature capability set for live network operations.  This is what we have achieved with the Amdocs NFV powered by ONAP professional portfolio. It represents a brand new frontier for the communications and media industry and addresses the many time to market challenges facing carriers who want to rapidly launch new virtual services, and gain the future proof advantages of ONAP open source technology today,”  added Miles.