BT launches business platform-as-a-service

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

BT announces the Personalised Compute Management System, its new business platform-as-a-service

BT has unveiled its latest offering, a new business platform-as-a-service called BT Personalised Compute Management System (PCMS).

The new product allows companies to speed up time-to-market by allowing customers to self-serve, purchase and access cloud services online. BT customers will be able to bring their own digital services to market using the same platform. 

Users will gain access to ready-made business functions and processes enabling them to resell services such as Cloud Compute, Compute Storage and Apps from BT, accelerating entry into the market.

PCMS offers 45 fully digitalised business support processes, such as: product management, customer management, user authentication, order management, service management and billing and collections.  It also supports multiple sales and execution channels, says the company, each with the appropriate local language, currency, pricing and contract terms.

Neil Lock, BT vice president of compute global services, said: “PCMS brings to life a vision of how businesses can innovate in the digital economy. It is a ready-made platform that allows new ways for companies to digitalise, manage and build profitable business models from their own vibrant ecosystem of consumers, producers and innovators.  

“By building on a proven platform, businesses can confidently bring their digital services to market within shorter timescales and concentrate time and resources on innovation and development. It’s a great example of how BT’s Cloud of Clouds portfolio strategy empowers customers to create new business relationships.”

PCMS is in development and will brought to market in partnership with management and technology consultancy BearingPoint. The platform will be released worldwide by the end of 2017. 

Angus Ward, BearingPoint partner and CEO of its digital ecosystem management, said: “PCMS brings together BearingPoint’s expertise in digital business transformation with BT’s skills in digital platform management to provide an end-to-end digital business service. Together, we’re working with customers to deliver real digital business outcomes, allowing them to compete more effectively in the digital economy.”