Telstra starts 1Tbps Australian national network rollout

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Ericsson executive says nationwide network expansion has started with Tasmania

Telstra has begun the rollout of its Australia-wide terabit transmission network on the country’s smallest state – the island of Tasmania.

The launch follows the announcement in February that Telstra would improve its long-haul, metro and regional optical networks over a three-year period, working with Ericsson and Ciena.

“The next-generation packet optical solution … will provide extensive capacity, resiliency and scalability to deliver a consistent quality user experience for the ever-growing demand for video, fixed and mobile broadband and cloud-based services,” said Emilio Romeo, managing director of Ericsson in New Zealand and Australia.

The upgrade includes two subsea links across the Tasman sea to the state of Victoria. “The upgrade will increase Telstra’s network capacity across the Bass Strait from 400Gbps to 1 Tbps,” said Romeo, writing in a blog. “Additionally, swapping out legacy equipment will provide a 40% power saving, which benefits both Telstra and the environment.”

The rollout has created diverse paths from the mainland and built a transmission ring around Tasmania, delivering both capacity and enhanced resiliency, he added. Additionally, the control plane has been integrated into the national mesh network to further enhance resiliency and reduce service activation times.