Telus ‘to go global’ with network-as-a-service enterprise offer

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Telus is expanding its horizons beyond Canada to the rest of the world, using a network-as-a-service deal with Nuage Networks

Canadian operator Telus is to start selling enterprise services outside Canada thanks to a deal with Nuage Networks.

Nuage, which is owned by Nokia, is providing its software-defined wide-area network (SD WAN) technology so that it can offer Network as a Service (NaaS) to enterprise customers.

“It gives Telus the ability to provide new services out of its region, but to seamlessly interconnect them,” Sunil Khandekar, the founder and CEO of Nuage, told Global Telecoms Business. “It will be able to tie the old [on Telus’s existing network] with the new [connected via the internet, worldwide] seamlessly.”

A pilot service that Telus has been offering to selected partners has been upgraded to a full commercial offering, available to all customers.

According to Telus’s website, “we can install Network as a Service over any Telus internet solution and those of most other providers … Network as a service comes fully interoperable with MPLS; no expensive hardware upgrades required.”

The new service “is table stakes for enterprises that see IT as a component of whatever business they’re in”, said Khandekar. “Telus’s multinational customers that have footprints out of Canada at the moment need to have other partners.”

NaaS can also help them mingle workloads between public and private clouds, added Khandekar, who founded Nuage in 2012 with the backing of Alcatel-Lucent, for which he had worked for the previous eight years. Nuage transferred to Nokia when it acquired Alcatel-Lucent at the start of 2016.

Telus will be able “to seamlessly extend [services] to the public cloud and will be able to monetise that.”

For more information, see the July/August issue of Global Telecoms Business, out next week