Meteor Mobile to retire and become part of Eir Mobile

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Meteor Mobile will cease operating as a brand and will join parent company Eir under its name as of September

Eir Mobile, the Irish telecommunications company, is set to retire its mobile phone brand Eir Mobile as of this September.

In speaking to the, Paul Bradley, a spokesman for Eir, said: "We have adopted a single brand strategy. You can get your bundle from Eir, your broadband from Eir, your TV from Eir and mobile from Eir."

The Meteor brand has been active since 2001 and will be re-branded as ‘Eir’, joining the existing mobile service under the Eir name. 

"What it reflects is our growing confidence in the Eir brand. We are almost two years in from when the company launched the brand," added Bradley.

With a customer base of 750,000, once joined with its parent company both Meteor and Eir will have a combined base of 1.1 million customers. 

Since Eir’s (formerly Eircom) acquisition of Meteor in 2005, the company has invested heavily in the marketing and advertising of the Meteor brand. It has been known for its quirky adverts, sponsored music events and become popular with younger users, being largely known as a youth brand.

It’s current ‘Let’s make Possible’ campaign for which, the company has invested between €3m to €4m, is being re-purposed to benefit both the newly combined Eir and Meteor brands.

Over the coming weeks, the 84 Meteor retail stores will become Eir stores and the company expects to start notifying this change to their customers, starting this week.

"There has been work to evolve the Meteor brand over the last couple of years because initially it was a youth brand and a pre-pay focused brand. But now it is a much healthier mix of prepay and bill pay, said Bradley”