Virgin Mobile introduces data-free Twitter

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Virgin Mobile customers can now access Twitter without it affecting their monthly data allowances

Virgin Mobile has announced that customers on its 4G data plan, can use Twitter as part of their service without it eating into their monthly data allowance. 

“Our customers want more than extra texts and minutes – they want innovative new services that really make a difference to them,” said Jeff Dodds, managing director of mobile at Virgin Media. 

Virgin Mobile was already ahead of the pack with data-free use of social media apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger, but has arguably now increased its value as the only UK provider to offer these services.

With the exception of live video content customers can now use the popular social media app without the worry of data usage. Welcome news for those on particularly low data plans like the 600mb tariff, which is the lowest Virgin Mobile offer.

“We want to focus our services towards how our customers use their devices and live their lives, giving them value that they can see and understand. That’s why we’ve expanded our data-free social offering to include Twitter, which when combined with fast 4G and data rollover is transforming the future of social messaging on mobile and ensuring our customers never have to worry about keeping connected to the things and people they love, ” added Dodds.

It is the latest example of zero rating in the country and comes just days after CK Hutchison's UK arm, Three, announced its own zero rated tariff.