Former senior manager at Oracle joins Neural Technologies

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Axel Pieuchot, known as 'Mr Telco Analytics' at Oracle, joins Neural as its new senior director of analytics

Neural Technologies has appointed Axel Pieuchot, formerly the senior principle product manager of analytics for its global communications unit, as its new senior director of analytics.

Chief information officer of Neural Technologies, Andrew Tan, spoke highly of his work saying: “Many in the industry know Axel as ‘Mr Telco Analytics’ at ORACLE – as he has worked with Data Analytics since before that term was in common parlance. He is a visionary within the industry and we believe his skills will further enhance Neural’s platform, products and portfolio. We are delighted to have Axel joining the Neural team and his appointment highlights the increasing importance of, and commitment to, big data analytics within Neural.”

Pieuchot enters the role with roughly 20 years’ experience in the telecommunications industry. He had held various roles over the years from data warehouse consultant to one of his more recent posts as product manager of core analytics for Oracle’s global communications business unit. He is also the holder of a PHD in particle physics and actively contributes to TM Forum workshops.

Speaking on the new role Pieuchot commented: “I am looking forward to working with my new team mates at Neural to develop the technology and help our customers achieve their business objectives through analytics and insights.”

Over the past 12 months the workforce at Neutral Technologies has increased by approximately 30%. Pieuchot’s appointment is made as part of a larger growth strategy, which not only invests in new employees but expands its product offerings and services through acquisitions, into new regions and domains.

“I have always enjoyed creating solutions and exploring new uses for existing technology. Neural’s Optimus platform is so flexible and responsive that we can make it do almost anything that Neural’s customers want – an ‘analytics platform for all areas’ from IoT to Customer Experience and Network Monetisation. Neural’s platforms and solutions are designed to take data from multiple sources, enrich and transform them according to context, and turn them into powerful, practical insights for everyday use,” added Pieuchot.,