Italtel receives €1.1m of EU funding for 5G projects

James Pearce
Published on:

Italian systems integrator will work on three Horizon 2020 projects to advance 5G technologies

The European Union has backed systems integrator Italtel with €1.15 million worth of funding to develop 5G technologies.

MATILDA, 5GCITY and 5G ESSENCE are all EU projects that make up part of the 5G-PPP’s research and innovation scheme, with Italtel set to contribute to them all.

The Italian company will play a key role defining use cases supported by MATILDA, which aims to design and implement a holistic 5G framework for applications and services over a sliced, programmable infrastructure.

It has also been selected as Innovation Manager for 5GCITY, which aims to deploy a common, multi-tenant platform extending a centralised cloud model to the network edge. Demonstrations are planned for Barcelona, Bristol and Lucca, with Italtel chairing the project’s innovation board.

In 5G ESSENCE Italtel will work on the edge of the network, supporting novel multimedia use cases such as 5G Crowded Events and 5G In-flight Entertainment Systems, based on edge network acceleration techniques.

“As we look to deliver on 5G’s promises of increased data rates and ubiquitous coverage, a number of important new techniques need to be developed and we are proud to be playing a role, alongside other companies, in these three Horizon 2020 projects,” said Italtel CEO Stefano Pileri. 

“Through close collaboration, team work and innovative solutions, I am sure each project will lead to the enrichment of our digital society and positively impact our products and solutions portfolio.”