Orange to test network roaming using LoRa technology

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Orange announce plans to test network roaming within the LoRa network and anticipates nationwide coverage by the end of 2017.

During the Viva Technology show in Paris, Orange announced that by December 2017, it will be ready to test network roaming capabilities between its network and other operators’ that are part of the LoRa alliance, as well as beginning work on roaming standards for LoRaWAN networks. 

New roaming standards will reinforce the existing Orange Business Services’ end to end solution that was announced in February.

Hundreds of Orange Business Service customers across various sectors already use LoRaWAN connectivity in their operations such as: smart homes, health, industry and agriculture.

In relation to this, the company also revealed that it is on track to deliver nationwide coverage by the end of 2017. 4,000 towns and industrial sites, inside buildings and underground, are already covered by the network based on LoRa technology. 

In support of businesses and their IoT endeavours, part of this offering from Orange Business services is the LoRa® Explorer Kit. A development kit that allows businesses to test LoRaWAN connected objects and their abilities on the LoRa network.

A selection of 75 certified objects (modems, gateways, starter kits, modules etc) are due to be added by the end of June, expanding the Orange IoT device catalogue.