China Mobile and ZTE reach record 2.1 Gbps downlink speeds in Quanzhou pre-5G trials

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Project sees China Mobile deploy ZTE’s pre-5G 3D massive MIMO solution to hit record commercial speeds

China Mobile has partnered with ZTE to deploy pre-5G 3d massive multiple input multiple output (MIMO) technology in the Chinese city of Quanzhou.

The deployment saw 16 commercial terminals connected, increasing peak cell downlinks to 730Mbps, whilst also hitting a three carrier peak of 2.1Gbps.

 Using massive MIMO, a core technology in expected 5G deployments, the 3D base stations saw a throughput peak up to seven times higher than existing 4G deployments.

The joint project meant the two firms once again hit a commercial record, as its three carrier eight-stream deployment hit a rate of 1Gbps.

ZTE has been a key driver of 5G technology, as vendors look to position themselves at the forefront of the fifth generation of mobile technology. Since 2015, the Chinese vendor has worked with CMCC to invest in the verification of 3D-MIMO technology.

In February, China Mobile revealed plans to deploy 3D-MIMO across its 4G network later this year, while also unveiling further 5G trials in partnership with ZTE.

Quanzhou Mobile and ZTE conducted the commercial deployment of 3D-MIMO in big video environments and verified the peak cell rate, an important milestone in the commercialisation process of Massive MIMO technology. In the future, both companies will continue to deepen their partnership to expand the 5G-like Internet experience to a larger pool of users.