Telus trialling Cisco Jasper’s automated mobility platform

James Pearce
Published on:

Project sees Telus offering Cisco Jasper’s mobility platform, based on its internet of things solution, to enterprise customers across Canada

W hen an enterprise has hundreds or thousands of employees with business mobile devices like smartphones or tablets, managing and monitoring the connectivity, data usage and general operation of those mobile devices can be a challenge that leads to high enterprise mobility costs. That challenge extends to operators, who have to deal with angry enterprise customers hit with bill shock.

To deal with this problem, Cisco Jasper has launched an automated mobility management platform aimed at giving enterprises more control over their mobile devices, with Canadian operator Telus signing up to trial the project.

The Control Center for Mobile Enterprise is an extension of Cisco Jasper’s existing internet of things platform, offering management and monitoring of connectivity, data usage and general operation of mobile devices. 

It is directly integrated with the systems used by service providers for billing and monitoring, meaning it can offer real-time usage visibility, automated cost control and self-service tools usually available to enterprises. 

This can include the automatic application of a roaming bundle if a user is travelling abroad, or alerts if someone exceeds their bundle allowances. 

“Management of any connected device consists of common challenges like unpredictable service costs and inefficient processes, and this is especially true for business devices,” says Macario Namie, head of IoT strategy at Cisco Jasper.  

“Cisco Jasper has partnered with over 50 service providers worldwide to enable enterprises to automatically connect and manage their IoT services, and now we are extending the same proven capabilities to business mobile devices.” 

The trial saw Telus, offering the platform to its business customers as part of its IQ Smart Mobility Management solution for businesses. “We have always been committed to creating an exceptional experience for our customers,” says Craig Thornton, VP for business mobility solutions at Telus. 

“The Control Center for Mobile Enterprise platform, as an integral part of Telus IQ, has enabled us to truly transform our corporate client experience, delivering instant visibility and controls to our customers,” he added.

“We are already seeing excellent market traction and great customer feedback on the platform. Our Cisco Jasper engagement is exemplary of what great partnerships look like.”

According to Pallavi Vanacharla, head of product marketing at Cisco, this project will help Telus improve customer retention while also streamlining a number of its operations.

She says: “The connectivity market is trending towards a commodity space where service providers are competing predominantly on price, so they are looking for opportunities that allow them to compete on something else – value – to retain more customers. That is what this provides. 

“Telus clearly understood this value and wanted to change their strategy in the enterprise sector so they can win more against Bell and Rogers in the Canadian market. Telus has traditionally been focussed more on the consumer side, so to become a leader in the business market, they needed to focus on something unique that nobody else is providing. Or they will have to continue playing the price game, which impacts profits.

The integration into Telus’s own IQ platform is one of the key strengths of Cisco’s system, Vanacharla tells GTB, as it means the operator still retains some control over customer information. It ties into the operators own BSS/OSS tools, with a touch in/touch out system, taking information where needed.

“They have launched a Telus IQ platform that integrates billing portal, customer portal, and introduced a managed module, which is based on our platform. This gives their enterprise customers the power to use mobility management solution with 9,000 automation rules to empower their workforce. This platform becomes the base platform for Telus, while Telus can also upsell other products to enterprises.

“The integration is with the operators own BSS/OSS tools, punching in and punching out, rather than playing the role of controlling the billing platform.”