Orange and Facebook released the first season of the Telecom Track accelerator

Natalie Bannerman
Published on:

Orange and Facebook have unveiled 'Telecom Track' part of The Orange Fab France - the accelerator programme designed to support network innovation start-ups

Orange and Facebook have launched "Telecom Track" the technology accelerator programme for start-ups in the network innovation and infrastructure sector.

The Orange Fab France “Telecom Track” which was launched in April 2017, was designed specifically to support start-ups specialized in network infrastructure innovation and has now selected four prizewinning start-ups for its first season. These are:

Amarisoft, a software publisher created in 2012 and expert in LTE mobile telecom infrastructure (4G and up).

Horizon Computing, who develop equipment dedicated to the world of data centres and telecoms operating under Open Hardware licenses with free software that is gradually enriched.

Athonet, a computer software and disruptive cloud company for the 4G / LTE and 5G market.

Adipsys, a solutions publisher which enables operators to control Wi-Fi infrastructure of any kind via the Cloud.

The four start-ups will be supported by Fab France for a period of six to nine months and have access to its global network of resources. As both Orange and Facebook are both members of TIP, the four start-ups will also receive additional support from the TIP Ecosystem Accelerator Centres (TEAC) of the Telecom Infra Project (TIP).

So far the four start-ups have joined the acceleration programme and participated in the kick-off event organized by Orange and Facebook. The event is attended by executives from Orange, the TIP and Facebook, as well as venture capital partners and investors.

Once the four start-ups have advanced in the acceleration process, they will be invited to speak during a TEAC event to be held in San Francisco at the end of this year.