ZTE experts appointed to ITU-T groups for IoT

James Pearce
Published on:

ZTE engineers Lin Zhaoji and Huang Zheng appointed to groups looking at standards for IoT, smart cities and security

ZTE has seen two of its employees appointed to the ITU Telecommunications Standardization Sector (ITU-T) to take part in key groups overseeing the development of internet of things technology.

Lin Zhaoji, a ZTE engineer on standards and pre-research, was appointed as vice chairman of ITU-T’s Study Group 17 which looks at Application Security.  ZTE engineer Huang Zheng, who also works on standards and pre-research for the Chinese vendor, was appointed as an associate rapporteur of ITU-T’s Study Group 20, which works on developments in the Internet of Things, Smart Cities and Communities.

It is the latest appointment of ZTE to ITU-T groups, and shows how the manufacturer is playing a role in the development of IoT and security standards.

ZTE said: “Under ZTE’s M-ICT strategy, IoT is one of the key focus areas for research and standardisation as the company creates an industry ecosystem to promote collaboration and partnership.  The smart street light solution developed by ZTE is an innovative new solution that integrates street lighting, a 4G/5G base station, a power re-charging unit and a portal for weather and transportation information.”