FTTH Council: study of various smart applications over FTTx infrastructure

Geralyn Samia
Published on:

As fiber is brought closer to customer premises, more and more applications can be enabled over the city infrastructure

The pertinent question, however, is the degree of fiber penetration required to enable these changes. Fiber penetration is a strong function of the bandwidth requirements from services and applications. Some applications may have intensive band-width requirements and cannot be supported by any infrastructure other than fiber, and it is thus clear that a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) infrastructure is needed for them. In this FTTH Council APAC white paper, we will analyze how the degree of fiber penetration is influenced by the type of applications. For this, we will first chart both the existing and new applications with respect to their quality of bandwidth (QoB) requirements and then measure how well each QoB parameter is fulfilled with a varied degree of fiber penetration. The scope of this study will be to clearly define the minimum degree of fiber penetration that can support a specific kind of application.

This and the upcoming series of FTTHCAP whitepapers will demonstrate that the data demand of the future can only be adequately served with ‘deep fiber’ networks with fiber directly con-nected to the home, the business enterprise, and the mobile base-station. Through these whitepapers, we will also recommend methods for building and growing fiber optic networks to meet future growth requirements.

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