TIM hits 700Mbps on 5G Day

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

TIM has hit speeds of up to 700Mbps in download at company’s “5G Day” at its Open Lab innovation and development centre

TIM - 5G Day 280 x 183TIM, working with Qualcomm Technologies and Ericsson, achieved speeds of up to 700Mbps in download and up to 75 Mbps in upload, on the live mobile network. A new milestone following the European record the company achieved for the commercial launch of 4.5G technology with speeds of up to 500Mbps.

The service will be made available to TIM customers in the coming months, with the arrival of enabled smartphones and the upgrading of the 4.5G network currently underway in the principal cities.

“We are forging a path to the new 5G technology, a challenge that leverages our most important asset: the network. TIM confirms its commitment to new generation ultra-broadband research and development, participating actively in the definition of the 5G standards, opening cutting edge laboratories, such as, for example, the mmWave lab, studying millimetric waves, and the IoT Open Lab to accelerate the development of internet of things applications, and developing new business models in partnership with the major technology players,” said Giovanni Ferigo, head of technology at TIM.

“Turin is once again the capital of innovation, thanks also to the agreement between TIM and the municipal authority for the mobile coverage of the urban area with 5G technology, which will enable it to provide the community with new generation Smart City services.”

The 5G Day showcased scenarios from smart cities, the flight of a drone connected to the mobile network that sends video flow in real time, to a cloud computing server, to “virtual reality”, or gaming on the internet, against an adversary thousands of kilometres away, to the robotic cloud applications for Industry 4.0 that can optimise production processes monitored in real time and controlled in the cloud, thanks to the ultra-broadband network performances.

TIM 5G Day

TIM’s Turin 5G project, which will see the creation a new generation mobile network, is also speeding up. Turin will become the first city in Italy, and one of the first in Europe, to acquire a new 5G mobile network, confirming its position as the capital of innovation. In March, TIM signed an MoU with the Municipality of Turin to build Italy’s first 5G network in the urban area of the Piedmont capital. The “Turin 5G” project, which has entered the operational stage, will see over 100 smart cells installed from as early as this year in the main streets and squares of the city. GTB