Silver Peak updates SD-WAN service with security and routing

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

The updates include packet inspection to increase security and interoperability with legacy routers and a feature that transfers suspicious traffic to a regional hub or data centre firewall

WAN SummitSD-WAN provider Silver Peak has released a series of updates to its Unity EdgeConnect high-performance SD-WAN service that will enable enterprises to deploy the technology, displacing the use of routers and firewalls. 

The updates are intended to simplify branch office infrastructure, shifting the WAN edge towards being application-driven while providing secure and direct internet connectivity to SaaS and web-based applications from the branch office. The new releases include packet inspection to increase security and interoperability with so-called ‘legacy routers’. To date, EdgeConnect has been used in over 350 customer deployments.

“Increasingly, enterprises are seeking to simplify branch and WAN Edge infrastructure with SD-WAN solutions that connect users directly from branch offices to cloud-hosted applications without sacrificing application performance,” said Damon Ennis, senior vice president, products at Silver Peak. He added that the solution gives distributed enterprises the ability to transform their router-centric WAN infrastructure to that of an SD-WAN infrastructure to gain the performance, security and control they need to adapt with changing business requirements.

Another notable enhancement is the First-packet iQ which automatically identifies over 10,000 applications and 300 million web domains on the very first packet received. The feature will enable what Silver Peak terms as ‘internet breakout automation’ by directing SaaS and web-based application traffic to the internet while simultaneously transferring suspicious traffic to a regional hub or data centre firewall for further inspection.

"Without this capability, customers have to send all internet-bound traffic to the internet or backhaul all of it to a corporate firewall which is inefficient," Derek Granath, VP of product marketing at Silver Peak told Global Telecoms Business at the WAN Summit in New York City. "What customers really want is the ability to define and automate granular security policies based on business requirements."

According to Gartner vice president Joe Skorupa, by 2020, “more than 50% of WAN edge infrastructure refresh initiatives will be based on SD-WAN versus traditional routers”. GTB

Reporting by Agnes Stubbs