Nokia’s Nuage chosen for Vodafone Ocean SDN

Bill Boyle
Published on:

Nokia's Nuage Networks SDN platform has been chosen by Vodafone Ocean as it targets the enterprise market

Vodafone has selected Nuage Networks’ Virtualised Service Platform for a new enterprise-targeted SDN/NFV SD-WAN portfolio to be part of Vodafone Ocean

Nokia announced it has been selected by Vodafone to be a global supplier of software-defined networking (SDN). Nuage Networks will be the supplier of SDN for the data centre.  As part of the selection, a VPN+ live pilot project with Vodafone is also underway, which will demonstrate the benefits of SD-WAN in providing leading-edge NFV and IoT applications. 

The Nuage Networks Virtualized Service Platform (VSP), which Vodafone will use, is the only network virtualisation, SDN and automation solution which offers a single framework to provide policy-based automation across both the data centre and the wide area network (WAN). It allows customers to build truly automated application delivery and cloud networks.

The policy-based automation provided by VSP, across data centre, WAN sites and public cloud providers delivers ease of connectivity across network offerings, such as MPLS VPN and hybrid WAN services as well as hosted cloud services, by leading service providers such as Vodafone and other large cloud providers.

Sunil Khandekar, founder and chief executive officer of Nuage Networks from Nokia, talking GTB said: “There is incredible activity within the very largest businesses, they desperately want to overhaul their IT infrastructures completely in line with their businesses. They need to transform themselves, and they need to be able to do it often, fast and easily. What Nuage has delivered is a platform which enables the larger enterprise to fully exploit the benefits of moving to the cloud.”

Charles Ferland, vice president of business development, talking to GTB recently said: “Applications are more interactive and dynamic than ever before, and users more distributed, mobile and demanding. Decades-old branch architectures are no match for today’s reality, and everything has to be done in support of the applications. It’s all about ‘focusing on the needs, and then making sure that you are automating the means’.”

That’s where Nuage comes in, Ferland says: “Introducing Nuage’s vSwitch removes the need to configure the physical equipment. We then only use it for transport. Network overlays are dynamically created using VxLan tunnels, according to the network policies of each workload.”