Wipro joins LoRa Alliance

James Pearce
Published on:

Wipro claims joining the IoT-based alliance will help accelerate its IoT strategy

Wipro has signed up to the LoRa Allicance as it looks to drive its internet of things deployment strategy.

The LoRa Alliace is an IoT alliance with more than 400 members, driving the development and deployment of long range wide area networks (LoRaWAN) technology.

LoRaWAN is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) specification intended for wirless, battery operate devices deployed in networks. LPWAN is expected to play a key role in the growth of the internet of things.

“Wipro’s proven system integration capabilities can enable adoption of LoRaWAN technology for IoT. Wipro has already demonstrated its leadership in the adoption of LoRaWAN technology by enabling smart ports and mines in India,” said Geoff Mulligan, chairman, LoRa Alliance. 

“Joining the LoRa Alliance will help Wipro to generate value for IoT market participants by being part of our large ecosystem, enable them to get closer to their customers and introduce new connectivity-enabled services.”

Jayraj Nair, vice-president and global head IoT, Wipro Limited said, “We support the mission to standardise LPWAN being deployed around the world to enable IoT, machine-to-machine (M2M), smart city, and industrial applications. We are excited about LoRaWAN optimized power management, which will enable broad deployment of IoT solutions with smaller payloads.”