Turkcell and ZTE sign MOU for 5G

James Pearce
Published on:

Turkish operator will work with Chinese vendor to develop GPON, DWDM and 5G technologies

Turkcell has signed up ZTE to collaborate on developing new network technologies on the road to 5G connectivity.

The Turkish operator struck a memorandum of understanding with ZTE at last week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, agreeing to work together on gigabit-capable passive optical networks (GPON), dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), and 5G.

Zhao Xianming, the CEO of ZTE Corporation and Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO of Turkcell, signed the MOU at MWC on 1 March 2017, expanding relations between the two companies.

Zhao Xianming  said: “As a global leading provider of M-ICT mobile technologies, ZTE is committed to building an industry ecosystem based on open collaboration. Based on the MOU, ZTE will continue providing best-of-breed solutions and services to Turkcell and support Turkcell’s development in the market.”

ZTE has worked with Turkcell for a number of years, having cooperated on the T-series of mobile devices.

Terzioğlu added: “ZTE ranks as one of the top telecommunication equipment providers. We believe that, with ZTE, we will be able to offer advanced technologies and an enhanced experience to our customers.”