TIM, Ericsson sign MoU to create 5G network

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

TIM and Ericsson have today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) strengthening their collaboration in the development of 5G technology

Ulf Ewaldsson, Ericsson, Giovanni Ferigo, TIM, Alessandro Francolini, Ericsson Italia 280 x 183The new agreement intends to speed up the development of a “new network of the future” and is part of the “5G for Italy” programme launched in June 2016, aimed at creating an open ecosystem for research and implementation of innovative projects enabled by 5G in order to accelerate the country’s digitalisation.

The agreement was signed by Ulf Ewaldsson, senior vice president, chief strategy and technology officer at Ericsson, Giovanni Ferigo, director of technology at TIM, and Alessandro Francolini, vice president, sales director at Ericsson Italia.

In particular, the agreement will directly involve the research and innovation structures of the two companies, focusing on the design and testing of access infrastructure, the respective antenna systems and network virtualisation solutions, particularly through joint participation in Italian and European research projects and integration of service platforms for testing in the field of innovative Use Cases.

The 5G system will provide peak speeds of up to dozens of Gbps for UltraHD services and cloud computing solutions, a decrease in communication latency, reducing it to a few milliseconds, reliability for mission-critical services and service density with the ability to connect up to a hundred thousand terminals per cell.

These characteristics mean that 5G will become the reference mobile network for next-generation digital services (such as virtual reality) and for the industrial Internet (robotics, manufacturing, health, environment, self-driving logistics).

TIM and Ericsson are and will continue to share skills, projects, laboratories and resources for designing, testing and building the technological components of the new 5G network.

In other news, TIM and Swisscom’s Italian subsidiary Fastweb have both defended their fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) joint venture in face of regulatory scrutiny. GTB