VimpelCom rebrands to Veon

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

CEO Jean-Yves Charlier announces new name as company launched mobile internet platform

Amsterdam-based mobile operator VimpelCom has rebranded itself to Veon and has launched a mobile internet platform that will be available to its customers.

Veon is the name for both the company and the new internet platform, which integrates data analytics and artificial intelligence.

CEO Jean-Yves Charlier said: “Technology is revolutionising the way users communicate, travel, bank, shop, consume, and are entertained, presenting Veon with a unique opportunity, given our reach and penetration in the mobile markets of tomorrow.”

He said the new name “reflects our radically improved telecom business and our customer experience aspirations. Using the same name for both the company and our new personal internet platform demonstrates our commitment to radical transformation”.

However, Veon will retain the brands it uses in each market, including Beeline in Russia and WindTre in Italy, the result of the merger with the former VimpelCom’s Wind with CK Hutchison’s Tre (Three).

Chief communications and brand officer Rozzyn Boy said the move was “an exciting milestone in the group’s 25-year history”.

Charlier said the change followed “the solid corporate turnaround” that “places us in pole position to lead the personal internet revolution in the frontier markets we serve”.

He hinted at strong competition with over-the-top players: “The telecom sector has been backed into a corner by Silicon Valley upstarts as the industry struggles to reinvent itself and find new paths to growth. With Veon, we have chosen to disrupt ourselves from within, and we have unique advantages that position us for success in our ambition to transform from telco to global tech company.”