MWC: Telstra to broadcast TV over LTE network

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Telstra says it will launch LTE-Broadcast across Australia by next year

Telstra is to build an LTE-Broadcast (LTE-B) network across Australia, starting this year and aiming to complete the build-out in 2018.

The network, which Ericsson is supplying to Telstra, will offer high-quality video and audio to the company’s customers. At first services will be available only on certain Samsung devices, Telstra warns.

LTE-B is part of the portfolio of LTE services as defined by the industry’s standards body, 3GPP.

Telstra’s group managing director networks, Mike Wright, said that 99% of Telstra’s 4G sites are already LTE-B capable, “with the intention to have nationwide enablement and coverage for LTE-B by 2018”.

Wright added: “Telstra’s LTE-B product roadmap will include 24 × 7 linear streaming, live sports coverage beyond stadiums, pre-loading of popular content, news clips and games highlights. We plan on enabling LTE-B across many devices, and are excited to deliver an enhanced mobile experience to our customers.”

Elisabetta Romano, Ericsson vice president and head of media solutions, said: “We are working closely with Telstra to deploy new technologies that help Telstra’s business. Our solutions enable Telstra to collaborate to deliver seamless connectivity and service continuity with LTE-Broadcast, with scale and great quality of experience.”

Telstra and Ericsson said they are working to build momentum in the LTE-Broadcast global ecosystem via the new LTE-Broadcast Alliance, which will have its inaugural meeting during Mobile World Congress 2017. The LTE-Broadcast Alliance Forum will bring together the industry’s leading players to collaborate on the development of LTE-Broadcast, and further stimulate ecosystem momentum.

In addition, as part of the LTE-B Alliance with Verizon, EE and KT, Telstra is working to ensure LTE-B enablement in Android devices from major vendors to provide a substantial addressable market for future LTE-B products.