Tele2 and Telenor partner on Swedish 5G

Bill Boyle
Published on:

Tele2 and Telenor will build a common nationwide Swedish 5G network

Tele2 and Telenor have agreed to build a common nationwide Swedish network with 5G technology.They aim to offer the first customers full access to 5G in 2020. The companies already share 2G and 4G networks via their joint company Net4Mobility.

Tele2 and Telenor established Net4Mobility in 2009 to jointly build and operate a national 4G network. The partnership enabled the companies to be first in Sweden with a nationwide 4G network that covers 99 percent of the Swedish population. Now that the standard for 5G technology is on the horizon, Tele2 and Telenor have chosen to develop their cooperation. This is seen as the natural next step for both parties as their joint 4G network will form a very good foundation for 5G expansion.

“The partnership we have had with Telenor in Net4Mobility has enabled us to have a world class 4G network today. The advantages of two parties joining forces to develop a 5G network are not solely financial. It also gives us tremendous benefits in terms of how quickly and flexibly we can work when the network is actually rolled out,” said Samuel Skott, CEO Tele2 Sweden.

“Sweden has a high proportion of consumers and companies that are advanced users of digital services. With an early roll-out of 5G, we can meet a need for high performance and capacity and ensure Sweden will continue to be at the cutting edge of technology,” said Patrik Hofbauer, CEO Telenor Sweden.