TDC cable network to run at gigabits

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Most Danish households to get more than 1Gbps in Huawei upgrade of TDC’s cable TV network

Danish operator TDC is using its cable TV network as the basis of a nationwide network that will deliver 1Gbps to most households in the country by the end of 2017 – and maybe 10 times as fast in time.

The company is already upgrading its network, which is rebranded YouSee, to deliver the fast speeds, and the first homes should be getting 1Gbps from the beginning of December.

Carsten Bryder, CTO of the operator, told Global Telecoms Business at a conference in China that fibre will deliver broadband to around 10% of homes, but TDC’s cable TV network will play the biggest part in the national programme.

Cable offers higher speeds than fibre, said Bryder. “Fibre technology has a maximum of 2.4Gbps. Current cable technology – DOCSIS – already gives 3.6Gbps and with DOCSIS 3.1 later this year it will offer 10Gbps.”

Bryder was speaking to GTB at the Operations Transformation Forum, a conference organised by Huawei at the Chinese resort of Wuzhen, near Shanghai. Huawei is TDC’s main partner in its rebuild of its cable network.

“We have a huge amount of legacy. We bought a cable network and we have many different platforms,” said Peter Trier Schiedt, the COO of TDC. The company is working with Huawei to consolidate and simplify all its networks, including those that deliver fibre and 4G mobile, as well as the products and services delivered on them. “We also have a huge amount of legacy products we’re still selling and we want to get rid of them,” said Trier Schiedt.

In areas not served by cable, TDC is planning to combine existing DSL with 4G to improve speeds. The company does not plan to use new DSL technologies, said Bryder. “ is not part of our strategy.”

He said that TDC is rebuilding its cable network at the same time. “We are swapping out 2.7 million network components with new technology. We have to be careful because we are interacting with people’s TV.” TDC believes that it is among the first to implement DOCSIS 3.1, which is just being certified.

Huawei’s Operations Transformation Forum continues through to the end of the week.