NetLinkz joins IBM Marketplace with SD-WAN

Bill Boyle
Published on:

Netlinkz announced its SD-WAN software suite will be available from the IBM Marketplace from January 2017 after a successful proof of concept

Netlinkz has announced its SD-WAN software suite, LINKS will be placed on the IBM Marketplace from January 2017 following a successful proof of concept.  New software applications are automatically made available via the IBM Marketplace.

The proof of concept successfully connected an application server workload residing in the IBM SoftLayer cloud to a database in the IBM Innovation Centre (IIC) private network, enabling hybrid connectivity without a traditional dedicated or IPSec VPN connection between the IBM Softlayer infrastructure and the on-premise data centre.

The IBM Marketplace is a global market for IBM customers to source applications and technologies for infrastructure, services, and tools for integrated cloud computing.

Suthan Naganayagam, Chief Executive Officer, NetLinkz said: “The IBM Marketplace opens up a whole new market for us to sell through.  This is an enormous opportunity for NetLinkz and validates our capabilities. Importantly, it provides a launch pad to market our products directly into one of the world’s biggest ‘as a service’ marketplaces,” he said.

NetLinkz and IBM will jointly market the software into the global IBM Marketplace to optimise Netlinkz presence and capabilities.