Huawei sets up cloud innovation lab

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Chinese vendor to work with Intel, SAP and Oracle in innovation lab advancing cloud computing and big data

Huawei is teaming up with Intel, SAP, Oracle and others to set up a lab focusing on innovation and transformation in cloud computing and big data.

The Computing Innovation Openlab, which the company has opened in Hangzhou, “will enable Huawei and its partners to provide solutions and services that drive better productivity for industry customers”. The company has 20 partners in the project, it announced.

“Huawei has cultivated a wealth of key technologies and world-leading hardware platform capabilities in the server business,” said Wang Zhen, VP of the Huawei IT server product line, at the opening.

“However, this well of strength can be unleashed to its full potential only when combined intimately with our partners. Our concerted efforts will lead to better solutions that deliver high availability and interoperability with competitive differentiation.”

The lab will serve as an open collaboration platform that brings together infrastructure-as-a-service universal solution partners for horizontal collaboration and industry mission-critical solution partners for vertical collaboration.

“The Computing Innovation Openlab offers just such an ideal platform for Huawei to work with the world’s top-notch partners for open innovation,” said Wang. “Huawei will unremittingly foster a complete, open ecosystem, to drive more value for our customers and achieve win-win with our partners.”

The platform will make it easier for solution providers to integrate and verify technical solutions in real-world environments, said the company.