Infinera adds DTN-X platforms for cloud

James Pearce
Published on:

Optical transport provider Infinera has announced a number of new platforms within its DTN-X product range aimed at powering cloud scale networks

The DTN-X platform features long-haul super-channels capable of supporting up to 500Gbps on a single line card. It has now been upgraded to support 1.2Tbps per slot and more than double the switching and transmission capacity.

Infinera also announced to additions to the DTN-X platform. DTN-X XT-3300 and XT-3600 are the industry’s first meshponder platforms, it claims, combining sliceable photonics to deliver scalability up to 2.4Tbps. The platform also now incorporates Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine.

The new capabilities are aimed at helping support Infinera’s partners migration to cloud scale networks, and decrease the total cost of ownership by over 50% through reduced equipment, power and space consumption.

"Infinera is transforming transport networks to be open and cloud scale," said Infinera co-founder and president Dave Welch. "We are bringing the power of web scale to service provider networking with the unified architecture of meshponders and multi-terabit switches managed by a common, open control layer. 

“The upgraded DTN-X Family and the new CDC FlexROADM deliver a new architecture that enables network operators to cost effectively provide scalable and secure end-user services. This architecture demonstrates Infinera's commitment to innovation to enable our customers to build the next generation cloud scale infrastructure."