Capita wins €230m Freenet services deal

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Mobilcom-Debitel, part of Freenet, signs seven-year customer services deal with Capita

Freenet’s German mobile operator Mobilcom-Debitel has signed a seven-year, €230 million contract with UK services company Capita.

The contract, which won’t start until March 2017, is for Capital to be a strategic partner in delivering what it calls “transformational customer services”. It will take over 650 employees in the city of Erfurt and the related IT systems.

Capita CEO Andy Parker said: “Capita will deliver a transformed customer service operation focussed on continuing to deliver customer excellence to Mobilcom-Debitel’s existing and new customers and promoting its digital lifestyle products. Our enhanced operational platform will be capable of supporting Mobilcom-Debitel’s products as they continue to evolve.”

Freenet CFO Joachim Preisig said: “In the age of digitisation, customer excellence is strategically important for both Freenet and Mobilcom-Debitel.”

Capita said that the new contract is designed to focus on valuable outcomes and directly incentivises Capita to produce the best possible outcomes for Mobilcom-Debitel’s customers, rather than charging on a per-contact basis.

“We have a growing pipeline of both traditional and transformation customer service opportunities in Germany and Switzerland which will provide a good platform for Capita Europe to meet our growth aspirations,” said Parker.

Birgit Geffke, head of customer support at Mobilcom-Debitel, said that cost savings were not the focus of the deal, which was “to strengthen our digital lifestyle strategy in customer service”.