C&W to offer instant mobile credit

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

Identity scoring company Juvo supplies Cable & Wireless with system to give customers access to mobile credit

A US data company has won its second contract from a Caribbean and Latin American operator to offer customers mobile credit services.

San Francisco-based Juvo has signed Cable & Wireless Communications (C&W) to give its customers access to mobile credit services in 15 markets.C&W is owned by Liberty Communications

The deal follows only two months after Juvo signed up Millicom to offer similar services to its Tigo-branded mobile networks in six Latin American countries.

Juvo, which describes its product as mobile identity scoring, says it will be used for C&W’s Flow Lend app, which “allows prepaid users to request credit extensions for immediate usage, dramatically improving customer experience and satisfaction”.

The company adds: “C&W is already delivering credit extensions to 10% of the smartphone market in the Caribbean, and Flow Lend customers are, on average, consuming 10% more of the company’s products and services and 50% more loyal.”

James McElvanna, C&W’s vice president of products, said: “Initially, we had concerns about some of the risks involved, including potential bad debt, but identity scoring has helped to mitigate these risks and our 12-month goal of $1,000,000 in credit extensions was reached in less than four months, surpassing expectations.”

Steve Polsky, CEO and founder of Juvo, explained: “By putting a ‘face’ on what is typically an anonymous SIM, an identity-based relationship develops between C&W and each prepaid user, creating a better mobile experience and access to essential financial services.”

In September Juvo announced a similar identity scoring partnership with Millicom, covering prepaid Tigo users in Guatemala, Colombia, Paraguay, El Salvador, Bolivia and Honduras.

This allows them to buy service packages as well as managing their balance to activate additional voice, messaging and data, without paying more, said Millicom.

“Prepaid subscriber behaviour is changing, driven by increased connectivity, digital services, and smartphone adoption,” said Miguel Angel Garay, Millicom’s vice president of mobile. “We responded to this with an innovative digital strategy across multiple markets in Latin America.”