Huawei to hold next open transformation meeting

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

The Open ROADS Community, launched by Huawei in February, is to meet in London next week, executive tells transformation conference

Huawei has expanded its support of open standards in the telecoms industry at a conference in China.

The equipment and services vendor launched its Open ROADS Community at Mobile World Congress in February 2016 but after an inaugural meeting in Switzerland in May, the next meeting takes place in London next week.

“We will share more industry insights, while facilitating open discussions about new issues and challenges. We will also conduct in-depth workshops to progress the development of our deliverables such as the master data model, reference architectures and implementations, as well as a cross-industry digital maturity model,” said Howard Liang, senior vice president at Huawei, speaking at a conference in China.

Liang chairs the Open ROADS Community. “ROADS stands for Real-time, On-demand, All-online, Do-It-Yourself, and Social,” Liang told the company’s Operations Transformation Forum, attended by 600 executives from the telecoms industry, at Wuzhen near Shanghai.

Active members include Orange, Telefónica, Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) and BT, “together with solution providers, start-ups, government, analysts and consulting firms”, he said.
The group has identified three common issues: how operators can better meet customers’ needs with the help of data analytics; developing an innovative mechanism to enable cross-industry services; and building a comprehensive transformation architecture and a cross-industry digital maturity assessment model.

The community is “open to all industries, open to ecosystem partners, open to industry organizations and last but not least, open for innovation, incubation, and validation in cloud open labs”.

Huawei is applying the lessons to its own operations, said Liang. “To really go digital, the change must start from ourselves. Only after our own digital transformation is successful will we be able to help customers succeed in their own digital transformation. Therefore, we have used the ROADS experience as a driving force of the digital operations transformation inside Huawei.”

The Operations Transformation Forum continues until the end of this week.