du announces new media cloud services

Bill Boyle
Published on:

du has launched its Media Cloud Services portfolio of cloud-based solutions for broadcasters and content producers

du has launched its Media Cloud Services portfolio of services. These Cloud-based solutions enable broadcasters, content producers and content providers to benefit from the flexibility of the Cloud. du’s new and existing customers can use Media Cloud to rapidly develop and deploy broadcast and content services across the Middle East. du is the first telecommunications provider in the region to launch end-to-end Media Cloud Services.

du’s Media Cloud Services solution combines its network of UAE Data Centres, national and regional interconnectivity, fibre and teleport infrastructure to a complete video production and environment with disaster recovery playout services, delivered via the cloud. This enables a range of other functions e.g. Media Asset Management in the Cloud and high definition cloud editing, digital archiving amongst others.

Hany Fahmy Aly, executive vice president, enterprise business, du, said: “The impact of digital transformation is becoming visible all around us. Users want access to content anywhere and on any device. They want a seamless user experience that can change and evolve with their needs and behaviours. This is why the Cloud is becoming a critical tool in the Media industry. It offers the scalability and flexibility to deliver for hyper-sensitive and content-hungry users across the Middle East.”

Media Cloud Services is delivered through the du Media Cloud platform hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and can leverage customers’ existing Infrastructure in line with requirements and internal policies. du Media Cloud Services translates into carefully designed suites, to address media houses specific needs and to deliver public, private and hybrid Cloud services.