Court reinstates Samsung's $120m patent payment to Apple

James Pearce
Published on:

Appeals Court decision is latest ruling in ongoing patent war between two smartphone makers

Samsung will be forced to pay Apple $120 million after a US appeals court reinstated a jury award for patent infringement.

The court said there was substantial evidence supporting the jury verdict, which was linked to Samsung’s infringement of several Apple patents, including ones relating to its slide-to-unlock feature, and another linked to quick-links for contacts.

Quick-links automatically turn information like addresses and phone numbers in to links and made up almost $100 million of the original $119.6 million awarded by a San Jose, California, court in May 2014.

Friday’s decision saw the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington rule 8-3 that a previous panel of the same court should not have overturned the verdict in February. It said the original three-judge panel did not follow US Supreme Court limits on the scope of its review by taking in evidence outside of the record base.

It is the latest ruling in a long-standing battle between the world’s two biggest mobile manufacturers, with Apple mostly prevailing. The Korean phone-maker was forced to pay Apple $548.2 million in December as part of a separate case, though Samsung has appealed. The case is set to be heard by the Supreme Court on Tuesday (11 October).

Samsung has had some, albeit minor, successes in its own legal dispute with the iPhone-maker. On Friday, the court upheld a jury decision that Apple should pay its rival $158,400 for breaching a patent on digital photo technology.

In July, Samsung launched its own legal action in Chinese courts against the world's third biggest smartphone maker, Huawei. Samsung is demanding Huawei pay the equivalent of $24 million for allegedly its breaching 4G patents.