VimpelCom to tackle IoT with Cisco unit

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

VimpelCom has announced a deal with Cisco Jasper to provide a management platform for its internet of things and machine-to-machine business

VimpelCom has announced its first moves into the internet of things (IoT) market, with a deal with a Cisco subsidiary to provide a management platform for the service.

The operator, which has 200 million customers, mainly consumers, is using IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) as part of its strategy to build up its international business segment. It’s VimpelCom Business division has 4,000 staff and is focussing on M2M technologies through network applications and managed services across a number of markets including Russia, Italy, Algeria, Pakistan, Ukraine and Bangladesh.

Eugène Viskovic, VimpelCom’s group chief business officer, said: “VimpelCom is focused on developing its digital strategy and the group is investing in new and innovative technologies that will enable our customers to fully embrace the digital economy, now and in the future. This partnership will provide our business customers with new technologies such as M2M and IoT.”

Jasper – now called Cisco Jasper after its acquisition by the vendor for $1.4 billion in March 2016 – will provide a smart connectivity management platform for all VimpelCom’s operators. Customers will be able to manage M2M/IoT devices, set up rules to control SIM activity, reduce data costs, and automate associated business processes, said the company.

Cisco Jasper executive Kalle Ward said: “Through this partnership, Cisco Jasper will enable innovative global enterprises to capitalise on IoT services and capture their share of the connected service market. Our collaboration with VimpelCom will enable enterprises to pioneer industry transformation, introduce new business models, and create never-before-seen, high-value experiences for their customers.”

Ward is managing director for Cisco Jasper’s IoT cloud business in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia.