CenturyLink claims G.fast network record

Alan Burkitt-Gray
Published on:

CenturyLink says it has installed what it claims to be the biggest deployment of G.fast technology in North America

US operator CenturyLink says it has built North America’s biggest deployment so far of G.fast – the broadband technology that re-uses copper wires.

CenturyLink has installed G.fast technology from Calix in 44 multi-dwelling units to provide internet speeds of up to 500Mbps and higher to nearly 800 apartments in Platteville, Wisconsin. The installation means CenturyLink does not need to install fibre into the homes and can re-use existing copper.

CTO Aamir Hussain said: “We take a fibre-first approach when deploying faster broadband speeds but enabling G.fast over copper infrastructure helps us reduce costs, speed time to market and effectively connect our customers to the power of the digital world in areas where fibre deployment is less feasible.”

CenturyLink is already delivering 1Gbps to other homes in Platteville using fibre. The company says it is evaluating other locations where G.fast technology can be used to give customers access to faster speeds from cabinets, which would be fed by fibre from the exchange.