NetScout launches InfiniStreamNG platform

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

NetScout launches real-time information platform for service assurance, cybersecurity and big data enabling businesses to improve their digital transformations

The InfiniStreamNG platform mines IP traffic intelligence in real-time to deliver accurate information to business intelligence applications on a single platform. The company claims the real-time metadata technology is a first for the industry and both enterprise and service provider customers can leverage InfiniStreamNG in data centre, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.

“Our InfiniStreamNG is a powerful ‘anyware’ platform that elegantly and seamlessly integrates NetScout’s core ASI technology with the key technologies we obtained through our acquisition of Danaher’s Communications business,” said Anil Singhal, chief executive officer of NetScout, who adds that the real-time analytics platform helps to leverage the full power of IP intelligence.

“In just one year since completing this acquisition, we’ve delivered a modern, platform-agnostic, and highly cost-effective solution that doesn’t require costly middleware due to our smart data approach for processing, storing and accelerating the collection and analysis of wire data.

The platform enables the company to elevate its value proposition and expand its total addressable market (TAM). It has an open architecture leveraging an advanced and extended version of NetScout’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology.

The platform will be available to all customers from next month.