Blancco launches tool to combat $4.5bn NTF costs

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

Blancco Technology Group has launched a ‘No Trouble Found’ (NTF) savings calculator for mobile network operators and device manufacturers

The calculator breaks down annual costs needlessly incurred from inaccurately diagnosing device performance issues and processing NTF returns each year, which is a persistent and expensive problem for the telecommunications industry, costing $4.5 billion a year, according to Xerox-owned WDS research.

At the root of the problem is the improper diagnosis and repair of mobile devices when they are brought into retail stores of mobile network operators and device manufacturers. To remedy this problem, Blancco has released what it claims to be “the first-of-its-kind tool that mobile network operators and device manufacturers can use to assess the high costs that are needlessly incurred”.

Blancco works with a growing number of mobile network operators and device manufacturers in North America, Europe and Asia, Richard Stiennon, chief strategy officer at Blancco Technology Group, tells GTB, adding: “Through our own data and interactions with mobile network operators/carriers and device manufacturers, we’ve determined that approximately 60% of all returned mobile devices are characterized as NTF.”

“The mobile ecosystem is complex, fast-changing and highly competitive,” said Stiennon. “Success hinges on delivering maximum value for customers and improving the customer care experience across every channel. This calculator helps mobile network operators and device manufacturers understand the expensive implications of improperly diagnosing and repairing mobile devices – and ultimately, the importance of implementing the right mobile diagnostics solution to reduce NTF returns.”

The tool prompts mobile network operators and device manufacturers to input the following items: the total number of retail locations the carrier/OEM has in operation, the average number of mobile devices returned each month (per retail location), and the average cost of processing each returned device.

By providing customer service and repair staff with the SmartChk mobile diagnostics solution, and providing ongoing training on how to use the tool, mobile carriers and OEMs “will be able to flip this problem on its head,” adds Stiennon, “streamline the customer care experience, meet the post-sales needs of their customers and minimise the likelihood of loyal customers switching to competitors”.

As Blanccco’s mobile diagnostics testing data has shown, user behaviour is often an influencing factor in the types of performance issues that occur on mobile devices. More often than not, “users don’t really understand the true source of their device’s performance issues. And so, they often blame it on hardware when it’s actually related to usage behavior or software flaws,” concludes Stiennon.