Kenya regulator sets rules to improve quality

Bill Boyle
Published on:

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has apparently increased the pressure on operators who are not providing what it considers good service with tough new regulations

The Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) has proposed a new regulatory framework for the assessment of the quality of service (QoS) of telcos.

In a consultation paper, the regulator has called for the public to share their views as well.

The move comes after the CA failed to hire an independent third party to conduct the survey on QoS offered by the mobile providers, saying that it had procurement problems.

The new regulations suggest expanding the range of services under the regulator’s watch to include SMS and internet services, adding to voice services which have been the main focus up to the present.

The approach will see Internet service providers like AccessKenya, Wananchi Group and fibre optic companies Jamii Telecoms and Liquid Telecom subjected to quality checks.

CA requires the operators to achieve a score of 80% on a range of eight indicators, including speech quality, completed calls, call success rate and drop rate.

Under the new proposals, the operators will also be required to achieve a 20% threshold on both network performance and overall customer experience. This will be besides meeting the CA’s set standard of 60% on overall network performance.

This may be a tough call since all of the three main operators Airtel, Safaricom and Telkom Kenya fell well short of the 80% target quality mark. They all managed to achieve 62.5 per cent, says the latest CA report. The operators have not met the threshold for the third year in a row.

Francis Wangusi, director general of the CA said the review of the QoS regulations has been necessitated by the rapid changes and adoption of new technologies and services.