Boku, Google, Bite launch carrier billing

Jason McGee-Abe
Published on:

Boku has today announced an expansion of its partnership with Google to bring carrier billing as a payment option for all Google Play Store purchases in Lithuania with cell phone carrier Bite.

Eligible purchases on Bite, Lithuania's third largest cell phone carrier, include: apps, in app purchases, games, music, movies and books. 

“Lithuania's low card penetration makes it a perfect candidate for Boku and Google to team up and provide carrier billing as a payment option in Google Play,” said a Boku statement.

The news comes after Microsoft and Boku have today launched carrier billing as a payment option for all Windows 10 devices in the UK and Italy last week.

Following the launch of carrier billing in the US, Germany and Switzerland, Microsoft and Boku expanded their agreement to bring direct carrier billing to Windows Store customers in the UK and Italy, through respective partnerships with O2 and Wind. GTB