US town in rebellion over T-Mobile tower

Bill Boyle
Published on:

T-Mobile is suing a US town for its refusal to give it planning permission to erect a mobile phone tower

US town Huber Height’s refusal to allow wireless carrier T-Mobile to add a new tower to power its data and mobile technology has landed the city in federal court.

The company sued the city in US district court in Dayton, Ohio, arguing that Huber Heights’ planning commission’s denial of the 179-foot tower at 7730 Taylorsville Road “has the effect of prohibiting T-Mobile from providing personal wireless services” nearby, including stretches of the Interstate 70.

T-Mobile is also claiming that the city failed to articulate its refusal for a new tower in a written notice, which the carrier argues is a violation of federal law. Neither T-Mobile or Huber Heights pared to comment on the allegations. ng litigation.