Amdocs white paper: Beyond next generation OSS

Natalie Bolger
Published on:

This white paper will focus on the impact of NFV as the most disruptive of these technology areas to impact the operational layer.

The 3 key benefits that are expected from NFV are:

• Improved service agility

• Improvements in customer experience

• Improvements in service enablement

• Reduced equipment expenditure (CAPEX)

• Improved operational efficiency (OPEX)

Initially the focus of NFV was on OPEX and CAPEX reduction, but increasingly SPs are looking at the ability to improve service flexibility as the key driver for NFV adoption. Improving service agility can drastically reduce the time and resources required to create a new service, and ultimately a new revenue stream. The ability to react rapidly to market and competitive pressures is critical as it is the catalyst for service innovation, and profitability.

Amdocs Beyond next generation OSS

Download this free Amdocs white paper as a PDF (773k) from this link