Amdocs white paper: Enabling the 2025 digital experience

Natalie Bolger
Published on:

While brand experience and brand affinity used to be the domain of marketing, the speed and lower cost of innovation and the digital capabilities needed to craft these personalised experiences make them the next necessary focus of the entire business.

Every touch point with the brand, digital or otherwise, and every journey through the customer lifecycle, is an opportunity to have a meaningful engagement with the customer. And if the business doesn’t have the customer understanding, organisational agility, innovation drive, and technical capabilities to deliver, someone else does and will. In short, relying on yesteryear’s business model no longer works, the time to transform is now.

To look at it through the lens of the customer, the focus is Generation C. The customer of this generation isn’t part of a specific age group; in fact they span multiple age groups,
connected by lifestyle, by how they consume and create connect, how they believe in community and curate data from various sources. Members of this generation prioritise digital
and expect their experience with their service providers to capture the world of digital immediacy, and they want this experience now.

Through the course of this whitepaper we will share some

of the attributes vital for the creation of a successful digital business and the evolution in certain key areas around customer advocacy and customer experience to address the needs and expectations of Generation C.

Amdocs Enabling the 2025 digital experience

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