Amdocs white paper: Amdocs' state of the RAN

Natalie Bolger
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At the heart of your customers’ network experiences is the radio access network (RAN). Amdocs’ 2016 State of the RAN report shows how unquenchable data demands, now driven by mobile apps, video and more powerful smartphones, continue to shape users’ mobile expectations and operators’ responses.

Though there are significant regional variations, we see a consistent global pattern emerging: 

Mobile data consumption continues to rise at an incredible rate with Wifi networks due to different usage patterns not taking the strain. Operators are under significant pressure to deliver more and more capacity despite already substantial investment.

The drag of legacy networks and the addition of LTE have increased the operational burden. We see operators looking to retire legacy networks but challenged with the need to shift traffic at the same time as delivering a consistent quality of experience (QoE).

VoLTE is creating opportunities and headaches. VoLTE will allow operators to accelerate the shift to LTE – increasing available capacity and providing a platform for the jump into 5G. VoLTE presents a business opportunity with new options for monetisation. However in the short term it generates significant risk around the core voice service as KPIs fall below those of existing offerings. 

A major concern is the limitation of network-centric processes for planning, management and optimisation when challenged with responding to huge variations in subscriber behaviour and demand. 

All of this accelerates the move to the adoption of 5G-like approaches to managing and optimising networks. Operators are responding by pushing for more agile networks able to dynamically match available network capacity to network demand. There is a marked shift by operators to focus less on the network as a whole but rather on how  to address each subscriber segment’s differing network needs and consumption patterns.

Amdocs state of RAN

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