Amdocs white paper: Addressing the need for agile operations

Natalie Bolger
Published on:

Amdocs views the evolution from today’s existing OSS to an operational layer that can fully support the needs of next-generation networks, as critical for the successful adoption of NFV/SDN. This is an evolutionary approach which enhances existing operational system capabilities with new capabilities, rather than a transformational approach where existing components are replaced.

At a minimum, to meet the needs of NFV/SDN networks the operational layer requires the addition of three key components or functionalities to create the requisite agility.

The capabilities provided by Amdocs form part of the NFV Service Lifecycle, which outlines three capabilities that are required to operate commercial and robust NFV/SDN networks. Amdocs has offers to address these three requirements.

The evolution of the operational systems will not stop once these three components are added; there will be additional future enhancements and consolidations within the operational layer to meet the ever-changing needs of service providers and their customers.

Amdocs recommend that service providers invest in upgrading and enhancing their existing OSS systems to support NFV/SDN, adding the three key components of the NFV Service Lifecycle to minimise the operational impact.

Amdocs agile operations

Download this free Amdocs white paper as a PDF (1.14 MB) from this link

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